Week in Review

Happy New Year!  I hope that 2015 is shaping up to be a great year for everyone.  I like may of you have made some New Year's resolutions.  I am planning to shape up, walk a few races and become a lean mean machine.  Okay, may be not mean.  But two out of three ain't bad.

I have struggled with balancing work life and my fitness regimen. And for the last few months, things have been very lopsided.  So I hope to bring the balance back to the center.  Last year at this time I was embarking on a 31 day yoga journey.  That was good but did not have the strong finish I had hoped for.  This year, I plan to incorporate yoga into my exercise regi 1-2 times a week.

So what am I doing.  I was thinking of using one of the Beachbody products like P90 or P90X3.  P90 did not get me jazzed to come back for more.  And after one routine of P90X3 my triceps were so sore that I could not raise my arm for 3-4 days.  Ouch!  That put a serious dent in my workout schedule - it brought everything to a standstill.  So this is a new week and a new program.  I was looking through Oxygen magazine and they have a "New Body, New You" workout for 3 months that looks promising.  So, I will rotate that during the week and engage in cardio and building up my walking distance and speed for my upcoming races.

I think that my mind is still struggling with the fact that my body is starting a point zero from an exercise standpoint.  Ugh!  But there is no place to go but up!  What are your resolutions for the New year?  How are you staying motivated to stick to your exercise regimen?

Day 3 - Running in overdrive

Yesterday was a big day for me.  With looming deadlines and lots on my plate.  I made exercise a priority and workout for 30 minutes in the morning before work.  Unfortunately, I pulled a muscle in my upper back near the shoulder blade.  Ouch!  That made turning my neck and lifting anything heavier than my purse a challenge.  But I managed to make it through the day with some painkillers and TLC.  My workout was Les Mills Combat HIIT:Power.  This is a high intensity interval training video that incorporates weight training.  I was surprised by how much I really liked this video.  I am finding that I am intimidated by HIIT routines because I think that I would be able to keep up.  But I did just fine with a few modifications here and there.  My muscle pain is now gone this morning. Yay!

I am still getting swamped by work.  But working out helps give me a sense of balance.  How do you stay sane when your workload and/or world seems to go into overdrive?

Day 2 - Quick note

Overall yesterday was a good day.  I went to barre class in the morning.  Then spent the afternoon catching up with girlfriends over coffee and shopping.  Yum!  My meals were pretty good.  I have a bit of a gorge on candy and chips in the afternoon.  I am trying to meet a deadline that has past.  Ugh!  And this is my way of staying focused and using nervous energy.  Not very effective since I still have a ton of work to do and very little time in which to complete it.  But life goes on.  My goal is to not let my workouts suffer due to my deadlines.  So, this will be my goal for this week.

1- complete 100% workouts
2- eat breakfast at home
3- Increase number of push ups by 5 at the end of the week.

Happy Monday!

Starting out - Day 1

Today will be the first day of my diary style look at my workout and aim to get fit!  I'll share my thoughts, struggle and joys with changes in my diet and activity (read: workouts).  I dug out my Fitbit and charged it up 2 days ago.  My activity is not very high.  I am not getting 10,000 steps (the recommended number of steps per day) on a good day.  Hmmm.  This may account for some of my weight gain around the middle. I also signed up for a boot camp class to jump start my workout routine.  I have come to one essential truth, I am not a winter loving person when it comes to working out.  I slow down.  I am not motivated.  I sit on the couch and watch lots of TV.  I think that I may have seasonal affective disorder.  Nothing that has been officially diagnosed.  Just my own self diagnosis.  But I know that if it were warmer and sunnier in the winter months, I would be more likely to work out.  How do I know this, you ask?  Because like clock-work when spring begins, I have more energy.  I become an exercising fiend.  I am making plans with friends and excited to participate in anything you throw my way.  I will try to use this to my advantage.

Today's workout

AM: boot camp 60 minutes
PM: Tennis lesson 60 minutes

I had this schedule last week and I was starving after boot camp despite eating some breakfast and carrying a replenishing drink afterwards.  I was also hungry and drained after tennis.  This week, I ate a hearty lunch prior to tennis and I feel much more sated after my post tennis snack.

Meals so far

M1: hard boiled egg, half banana, green tea during workout
M2: chocolate milk + vanilla protein powder in almond milk, hard boiled egg
M3: rice, fish, string beans, mixed veggies, orange juice
M4: gatorade, pizza, candy (shhh! don't tell my trainer)

I think that I need more protein.  I have a sweet tooth.  This is not going to help my weight loss efforts.  But I will have to find a way to balance all the goodness in life.  :-)  I default to sweets and junk food when I am needing food but I am not hungry.  I am trying to be more aware of this phenomenon.  I end of eating more carb/empty calories before I realize that I probably just need to eat a small or medium sized meal with protein to balance out all the carbs that I am eating.

Tomorrow is barre class.  I am so excited.  I took a class for the first time last week.  It was amazing! And amazingly hard.  But I am hooked ... and a glutton for punishment.

Okay off for more protein to balance out all the candy!  I figure I need to a make small changes to reach my goal.  You know what they say, "Rome was not built in a day!"